I'm pcrunn. I am currently 14 years old and I live in Thessaloniki.
I was working with computers since I was around 8 years old,
And this Is my main talent.
My life is unfortunately based around a screen, And I can't stop
this addiction.
I know this may sound weird or crazy, But last year,
I only went to school 10-20 times and then I stopped
Because I wanted to be on my computer which Is what I really like.
My parents somehow let me just don't go to school because they know me.
You might think that my parents just don't love me or don't care about me or something
But no, they care about me and feel me the most times.
Other than that. I have never tried to do something bad to myself, But I still don't like how I am
And It seems difficult to change.
Something else about me and my computer life is that I rarely speak with my own voice on voice calls except
If I'm talking to my best friend that Is also Greek.


Programming Languages:

Java - 2 years
HTML - 4 years
CSS - 1 years
JavaScript - 1 years


Proton Spammer
Proton Spammer Is a simple email spammer application made in python, It's nothing special.

Suggest project ideas on pcrunn@pm.me